You love your business, you have invested your time, your money and your life into it.

You’re on top of your products, the accounts and the sales.

You want to get the people side of things right, too.

But it can be a bit complicated.

That’s where Employment Toolkits come in.

Ready to get an instant HR solution?

We will help you get your staffing right, so your business can thrive.

Keep up to date with constantly changing Australian workplace legislation

Find the best staff and keep them

Support employees who need extra help

Understand the difference between hiring employees or contractors

Show you what to do when things go a little wrong and you need to take action

Watch your business thrive with the right team.

JOHN - fabulous staff member you don’t want to lose

John is an excellent member of your sales team

He’s been with your company for three years and he is a good worker and you rely on him.
He was thinking of going to work for the competition but you implemented a system of rewards and recognition.
John is now staying and committed to your business.

Develop your businesses HR systems


Our Employment Toolkits are an easy, reliable and affordable small business solution.

Australian HR Legislation

Use them, and you will have up up-to-date HR and WHS documents that meet Australian legislation.

Manage the lifeblood of your business

Manage your people effectively and with little time investment from you.

Save time and Save Money

Employment Toolkits helps you save your precious time and save money on expensive HR mistakes.

Use our documents to keep your business safe


KATY- previous contractor now making trouble on social media.

Katy was trouble from the start

You finally terminated her contract but now she is bagging you out on social media accusing you of bullying and harrassment and is threatening a Fair Work Claim.

What do you do now and how do you make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Develop your businesses HR systems


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