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If you’re looking for tailor-made HR solutions, then get in touch. We have many years of HR experience and together, we can find the answers.


Sharon Howard is a respected HR consultant. If you have other HR issues you’d like to discuss, please give her a call.

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Is your business Single Touch Payroll Ready

Is your business Single Touch Payroll Ready

As of 1 July, Single Touch Payroll is required to be in place by all Australian employers, to ensure compliance with the ATO So what is Single Touch Payroll? An initiative of the ATO, Single Touch Payroll (STP) is an automatic reporting system sending information...

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What does Domestic Violence Leave mean for your business

What does Domestic Violence Leave mean for your business

Why is Domestic Leave addressed in the Workplace? Domestic and family violence has been high on the governments agenda since last year, with a view to address how workplaces can support victims of domestic violence. With more and more cases everyday this...

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