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Our Employment Toolkits have everything you need, from the moment you first decide to hire a new staff member to the moment they move on.

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Check out our most popular package – all the toolkits your business will need for one low cost.

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Employment Toolkits Cover

• Finding the best employee
• Making sure your new team member hits the ground running
• Looking after and motivating your staff
• Managing poor performers
• The right contracts for your business.

Each Toolkit contains

• Current information
• User-friendly forms
• Easy to follow checklists
• Handy templates

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You’ve just started work in a new role and part of it is looking after HR.

You’ve just started work in a new role

There’s a pile of old HR documents sitting in your in tray. They were written 5 years ago and you suspect they’re out of date. There’s no budget for a consultant so it’s up to you to write all the new policies and procedures. Fortunately, you’ve found Employment Toolkits and that is making all the difference.

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