Answering all your Employment Toolkits related questions.

Employers should look at employment contracts as an opportunity to set out the terms of employment as they apply to your workplace.  This includes hours of work, pay rates, probation periods, termination clauses, confidentiality etc and may include references to the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards and the NES. The legislation in Australia in relation to employment is extensive and whilst employers need to be aware of this it is important that employees receive notification from their employer of what employment terms have been agreed to. Our Contracts and Letters Toolkit will provide you with the foundation to create your terms of employment with your employees.

The team at ‘Employment Toolkits’ are full time HR Consultants that are working with employment legislation and regulations on a daily basis. We keep up to date through various means including legal websites such as the Fair Work Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman and many others to keep us fresh with what is an ever-changing landscape. The Policies and Procedures Toolkit is updated no less than every 6 months and it is recommended that employers revisit their policies and procedures annually.

No problems at all, we are here to help. We understand that life and business gets busy, so if you do get stuck we can certainly help you to get things moving and maybe even hold you accountable J Consider us your external HR Manager that you can turn on and off as you choose. Call us today for a quote on how we can help you with all things HR.

There are many reasons why recruitment does not always go to plan even if you are following a process. Sometimes the candidate you are looking for is not looking at all or where you are advertising and how the advert is written can have a big influence on attracting your ideal candidate. If you are having problems in this area please drop us an email and we will see how we can help.

Yes absolutely we can help. Just drop us an email with your requested document and we will send you a quote.

This is such a common concern for employers and rightly so, it’s a scary place to be.  The Discipline and Dismissal Toolkit is a great resource with a load of practical information and supporting templates. You can start with this and if you are still uncomfortable we can surely help. Sometimes just a little guidance and assurance is all you need from us other times we can walk right through the process from start to end.  

The WHS Toolkit is what we like to refer to as the foundation of your overall WHS strategy. This toolkit is compliant with the AS4801, which covers WHS systems for all workplaces. The toolkit will guide you through the entire process to set it up. The templates do need to be populated for your workplace so you still need to put some effort into it but once you have it up and running you can simply continue to build. Some of our clients prefer us to set this particular piece up for them, which we can do remotely or on-site. Call or email us for a quote today.

We are constantly reviewing our documentation and we formally update them to the website 6 monthly if no major changes have occurred. We are also adding new Toolkits to the website so please check back with us on a regular basis or subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you updated on our progress.