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Our Employment Toolkits are an easy, reliable and affordable small business solution.

7 hr tips to increase engagement productivity and profits employment toolkit

7 HR Tips to Increase Engagement, Productivity & Profits

Download your free E-book and learn how to increase employee engagement and profits.

Our Employment Toolkits are an Easy, Reliable and Affordable Small Business Solution

Australian HR Legislation

Use our Toolkits, and you will have up-to-date HR and WHS documents that meet Australian legislation.

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Manage the Lifeblood of your Business

Manage your people effectively and with little time investment from you.

Save Time and Save Money

Don’t lose precious time and money on expensive HR mistakes – use our Toolkits!

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We will help you get your staffing right so your business can thrive

Keep up to date with constantly changing Australian workplace legislation

Find the best staff and keep them

Understand the difference between hiring employees or contractors

Support employees who need extra help

Learn what to do when things go a little wrong and you need to take action

Watch your business thrive with the right team.

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The fabulous staff member you don’t want to lose!

How Can I Use Employment Toolkits?

John is an excellent member of your sales team.

He’s been with your company for three years, he’s a good worker and you rely on him. He was thinking of going to work for the competition but you implemented a system of rewards and recognition. John is now staying and committed to your business.

Develop your businesses HR systems today.

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Meet Sharon, She’s Ready to Help!

Sharon Howard is a qualified and experienced HR consultant. She has developed EmploymentToolkits after many years of working with small businesses and helping them with their HR problems.

Our Team and Experience

Sharon Howard and her team have over 50 years combined experienced in HR and WHS. We’re highly skilled, we know our business and we can help you strengthen your company. We are one of the best hr consulting companies.

Our products and services are up-to-date and reflect high-quality industry skills.

When you use our Toolkits, you can be confident that you’re not just downloading a digital product, you’re downloading years of expertise. All ready for you to use at the click of a button.

We don’t stop there. You can speak to real people or get a customised service. We’re only a call away.