Recruitment and Attraction Toolkit


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This toolkit is ‘the bible’ that keeps you legally compliant during the recruitment phase. It provides a simple, cost-effective guide to running a successful recruitment process & HR Interview Questions. There are over 15 templates and 30 behavioural questions that make the process fast and affordable.

This toolkit includes:

  • A Jam packed 12 Page Guide on how to conduct a successful recruitment campaign to attract your perfect candidate.
  • Plus information on how to meet your legal compliance requirements
  • And instructions explaining how to target and attract the right candidates
  • A simple guide showing how to write clear and effective job advertisements
  • Directions for assessing and selecting the right candidate
  • Creating quality interview guides
  • Over 30 interview questions you can use to assess candidates effectively
  • Reference Checks and why they are so important
  • Templates including
    • Advertisement Sample
    • Application Form
    • Behaviour Interview Questions
    • Interview Guide
    • Interview Process Guide
    • Job Description Template
    • Recruitment Policy
    • Recruitment Checklist
    • Recruitment Email template to respond to applicants
    • Reference Check Template
    • Phone Screen Interview Form
    • Writing the Advertisement Sample

A successful induction and introduction of an new employee into your workplace is crucial to ensuring your new employee is up and running as quickly as possible.

If there are any templates or further information your business requires on How to successfully induct a new employee into your business, please email our friendly team with any questions you have.

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