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Our Employment Toolkits have everything you need, from the moment you first decide to hire a new staff member to the moment they move on.

Our Toolkits Cover

• Finding the best employee
• Making sure your new team member hits the ground running
• Looking after and motivating your staff
• Managing poor performers
• The right contracts for your business.

Each Toolkit contains

• Current information
• User-friendly forms
• Easy to follow checklists
• Handy templates

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What’s in the box?

  • Recruitment and Selection

All the information and templates you need to recruit the best person for the job.

  • Introduction Toolkit

Everything you need to get your new recruits on boar quickly.

  • WH&S Toolkit

No-one wants to get caught out on this one.  You’ll find the key policies and processes you need to develop and maintain a legally compliant, healthy, safe workplace.

  • Employment Contract and Letters

When you’ve found the right person, select your employment contract template and get them signed up.

  • Policies and Procedures

All your HR policies and procedures, done for you. Make sure your employees understand all the important legal and professional policies your business uses.

These Toolkits will make sre your HR policies are in place, your staff are productive and your business compiles with the law.
The question is, can you afford NOT to have them?

  • Discipline and Dismissal

Take the pain out of performance management.
  • Performance and Development

Don't lose a great employee.
Use these documents for ongoing management and development of your most important investment.




You must have an Employment Contract when you take on a new staff member. Use this toolkit to produce written terms and conditions for new employees. Your contracts will meet the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards and any applicable Award. All parties will be clear on employment relationships, rights and entitlements from day one.

This toolkit includes:
  • Contract templates for Award employees
  • Contract templates for Non-Award employees
  • Employment letter template



It’s essential to be legally compliant and to set good foundations from the start. This toolkit will give you a well-planned process to do this with your new employees. You’ll find all the information, templates and samples you need to get your new recruits settled in no time.

This toolkit includes:

  • All the information you need to comply with current legislation, including Fair Work and WHS
  • Relevant tools to help your new employee settle in quickly and get productive sooner
  • Tips to reduce the risk of early turnover
  • Everything you need to avoid common and costly induction mistakes
  • Instructions on how to manage the probation period effectively.





The introduction of Fair Work Australia 2009, the National Employment Standards (NES) and 122 Modern Awards means employers must review their policies. You need to make sure you’re compliant with the new requirements. This toolkit makes it easier for you. Use it and get up-to-date, compliant human resources policies and procedures to suit your business.

This toolkit includes: 25 key policies and procedures for your business, in line with current legislation

  • Code Of Conduct Policy
  • Company Property Policy
  • Discipline And Termination Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Educational Assistance Policy
  • Equal Opportunity And
    Anti Discrimination Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Incentive And Bonus Policy
  • Internet And Email Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Leave Without Pay Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Personal Phone Calls At Work Policy
  • Probation Policy
  • Rostered Days Off (Rdo) Policy
  • Relocation Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Staff Training And Development Policy
  • Timesheet Policy
  • Travel Expenses Reimbursment Policy
  • Workplace Bullying And Harassment Policy



It takes a lot of effort and expense to hire and keep staff. So it makes sense to help your staff perform well and manage the situation when they don’t. This is where you’ll find all the relevant information, appraisal documents and templates you need to review and develop your staff performance.

This toolkit includes:

  • Information on running an effective performance management program.
  • Proven tips on motivating your employees and generating higher productivity.
  • The HR templates, forms and tools you need to run a performance appraisal.
  • An additional guide for understanding the pitfalls of poor performance management and how it impacts your bottom line if not dealt with legally and professionally.
  • Bonus templates for legally managing and terminating employees, if required.





No business can afford to get this wrong. Work, Health and Safety is crucially important. Your business needs to develop and maintain a safe, healthy, legally compliant workplace. That means getting your systems, processes and culture right. The WHS Toolkit is designed for small and medium sized businesses and legislative compliance is assured.

This toolkit includes:

  • A Complete Guide
  • WH&S Policies and Procedures based on AS4801
  • WH&S templates
  • WH&S Forms



Discipline and Dismissal Toolkit

The most uncomfortable part for business owners and managers is addressing issues when things are not going quite right with an employee. To add to this unease is the stringent employment legislation that leaves many worried about saying and doing the wrong thing.

This toolkit will walk employers and manager through the process of discipline and dismissal to demystify what can often be a complex area of employment law.

This is a must toolkit for any business who employs staff and comes complete with key information and templates ready to implement into the business.





This toolkit is ‘the bible’ that keeps you legally compliant during the recruitment phase. It provides a simple, cost- effective guide to running a successful recruitment process. There are over 15 templates and 30 behavioural questions that make the process fast and affordable.

This toolkit includes:

  • Information on how to meet your legal compliance requirements
  • Instructions explaining how to target and attract the right candidates
  • A simple guide showing how to write clear and effective job advertisements
  • Directions for assessing and selecting the right candidate
  • Over 30 interview questions you can use to assess candidates effectively
  • Over 15 fully customisable human resources samples and templates.

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